Low voltage
LA-LB-LC Series

  • Up to 1000 V AC / 1500V DC
  • Three phase conductors and/or 50,100,150 % neutral and/or protective earth
  • Al-conductors range up to 6143 A
  • Cu-conductors range up to 7964 A
  • AC/DC application
  • IP68 degree of protection
  • IK10 mechanical resistance
  • ATEX – IECEx (on request)

Betobar busway systems are available in a wide range of standard element shapes, forms, and lengths which are fabricated to suit the typical project requirements.

Technical info


LA – Single Duct & Double Duct – 3, 4 & 5 Pole
LB – Single Duct & Double Duct – 3 & 4 Pole
LC – Single Duct & Double Duct – 4 & 5 Pole


3 Phase
3 Phase + 50% Neutral, 3 Phase + 100% Neutral, 3 Phase + 200% Neutral
3 Phase + 100% Neutral + 50% Isolated Earth, 3 Phase + 100% Neutral + 100% Isolated Earth


LA Copper Series
803A to 3224A (Single Duct)
1518A to 6013A (Double Duct)

LB Copper Series
1980A to 4300A (Single Duct)
3786A to 7964A (Double Duct)

LC Copper Series
1980A to 4200A (Single Duct)
3731A to 6505A (Double Duct)

LA Aluminium Series
678A to 2487A (Single Duct)
1282A to 4638A (Double Duct)

LB Aluminium Series
1696A to 3294A (Single Duct)
4180A to 6143A (Double Duct)

LC Aluminium Series
1667A to 3241A (Single Duct)
3152A to 6044A (Double Duct)

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