The betobar range

Betobar is the leading brand in the world for cast resin insulated busbars in low & medium voltage installations.

This concept is unique as it is based on the direct encapsulation of copper or aluminium conductors with an epoxy-resin insulation compound, (B.I.M.)

This casting mix has excellent electrical characteristics and high mechanical withstand capabilities with specific properties. It is waterproof, fire-resistant and self extinguishing.

A flexible fabrication method, universal moulds and an integrated process controlled mixing technique allow the production of an almost unlimited number of element forms for Low Voltage as well as for Medium Voltage applications.

Low voltage

LA Series

LB – LC Series

Medium voltage

SH Series

PH Series

Why choose

Betobar busbars are suitable for application in large buildings, industrial plants, power stations, sub-stations and large switchrooms, such as:

  • Factory distribution of low and medium voltage power
  • Rising mains with tap-offs to sub-distribution boards in high rise buildings
  • Transformer switchboard connections
  • Main switchboard feeders to distribution panels
  • Generator and large motor feeders
  • AC/DC applications
  • 400 Hz distribution systems
  • Refineries, offshore and onshore platforms
  • Renewable platforms at sea
  • Zone 1 & Zone 2 Explosive areas
  • Marine (electrical propulsion for ships)
  • Auxiliaries for nuclear and other powerplants


You can find our services in the following industries:

High riser
Data Center