The metabar range

The metabar busbar trunking system comes with lower impedance in comparison to cable. The lower impedance means less energy loss during electrical distribution which makes metabar a more energy efficient solution.

Its unique plug-in type arrangements at regular intervals helps in providing flexible power distribution. The product can also be designed as per customer requirements and hence helps in a cost-effective power distribution solution.

Metabar busbar trunking systems provide optimum utilization of space as it requires less space for installation compared to cable. Its ease of installation reduces material and manpower cost.

The metabar product range is as per following standard types:


25-40 A


40-100 A


100-225 A


160-1000 A


400-6300 A

Why choose


  • Metabar busbar trunking system for electrical distribution is the better alternative to cumbersome conventional cable distribution system.
  • Metabar busbar trunking system has the advantage of expansions, changes, replacement and reusing capability in the future.
  • Loads can be fed from plug-in boxes, unlike cables, where each floor/machine is to be fed separately from the main switchboard. Repositioning of distribution points is easier.
  • Installation time is much shorter than for a cable system. This provides low installation and manpower costs and improves time management.
  • Metabar busbar trunking system have a modern and aesthetic look.
  • The system is low maintenance.


  • System can be mounted edgewise or flatwise horizontally or vertically in any direction with all kinds of bends and tees.
  • The compact structure and aluminium housing allows a much lower electromagnetic field around busbar system than cable.


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